Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The NSF Threw a Party and Nobody Came

What was most telling about the recent National Salvation Front meeting in London was not so much who was present and what was said, but who was absent.

What was
said was nothing that hadn't been articulated in previous meetings. When asked how they plan to achieve the Front's laudable goals, things get a little murky. Yes they want to change the incorrigible regime but they want to do it without the interference of foreign governments and without resorting to violence and hint vaguely of allies within Syria ready to effect the changeover. Has the NSF found some magic formula that has eluded everyone else? If they can pull this off, I will -maybe- forgive Khaddam, the neo-democrat, his past sins.

What was absent from the meeting was substantial
media coverage. Syria is, after all, in the cross hairs of the United States, a bona fide member of the Axis of evil and here is a group plotting to overthrow the offending regime. You would think every major and minor media outlet would be there to cover this momentous event. Did the NSF bungle this opportunity to turn the heat on Bashar and forget to invite the media? Or has the international media lost interest? Unfortunately, I think it is the latter. A quick Google search showed few entries related to the meeting. With Iraq burning next door and with no -as of yet- viable opposition to Bashar, Syria has fallen to the bottom of the West's to do list.

Meanwhile, the Assad dynasty having escaped yet another close call continues to celebrate by throwing more of its citizens in jail. This time it is courageous individuals from
Suwayda who dared sign a petition condemning the recent arrests of activists who signed the Beirut-Damascus declaration.

I sure hope Brammertz has a couple of tricks up his sleeve.


The Syrian Brit said...

The party, my friend, was dead in the water.. The star of the show was a clown, and his side-kick was a tired old man.. As you said, nothing was said that had not been said time and time again before...
Outside interest was next to zero, and Khaddam, for all his colourful past, was not worth more than a 30-second interview on Newsnight on BBC2, and a 2-minute appearance on BBC Radio 4..
The NSF have lost all credibility when they pushed Khaddam onto centre-stage.. The NSF have, indeed, bundled this opportunity.. not just by failing to promote this event properly, but primarily for relying on a corrupt and hated personality to be their star act.
They have done the Ba'athist regime a great service by fronting probably the only person who is more hated in Syria than the Regime itself!!..

Fares said...

Great post Abu Kareem, I forgot that you had a blog!!! SB good comment as well

New liberal voices and ideas need to emerge for any chance!

Fares for a better Syria
My comments on the opposition

Fares said...
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Fares said...

and thank you for putting the "Michel Kilo" link on your site, I'll try to do the same

George Ajjan said...

I have posted some thoughts on next steps for the NSF on my blog as well. They have a lot of work to do.

Fares said...

Abu Kareem,

I am refocusing my efforts on demanding the freedom of the prisoners, we should all try to focus on this issue since it is a uniting issue and it would be a symbolic victory for Syria's liberals.

Thanks for your good words on the previous post. This is the new one
Syrians Show Compassion while the Regime Show Ugly Face

and yes some quotes by you on the issue are included.

Freedom for all the political prisoners of Syria

Anonymous said...

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