Sunday, April 30, 2006

Voices from the Past: Syrian Women and the Vote

I found the following document a couple years ago. It is part of the proceedings of the Syrian Arab Congress of 1920. You may recall this is the time when delegates to the congress declared independence and were trying to establish a constitution before France said it was having none of that. During these proceedings delegates discuss whether or not to grant women the right to vote. The give and take among the delegates is intriguing. It is also sobering to see that some of the delegates, in 1920!!, had more progressive ideas than some of our modern day compatriots.

This document is of personal interest to me as it contains words uttered by my grandfather whom I had never met as he died many years before I was born.

(Photo: A.K.; Fossilized dinosaur footprint, Texas)


Amr T said...
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Abu Kareem said...


Thanks for the comment and sorry for the delete. You connected too many points. I don't mind that you figured it out but I would rather remain anonymous to the rest of the blogosphere,for now.

Amr T said...

Sorry about that, I thought you were easing it in.

Again great post.

The Syrian Brit said...
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The Syrian Brit said...

Great post, and a very intriguing document.. If only today's polticians and 'thinkers' have the same moral courage and integrity to stand by their beliefs.. If only today's political environment would allow the same free exchange of ideas..
p.s. While your secret is safe with me, I guess it won't be long before somebody would figure out who abu kareem's alter ego is!.. People who know me well enough figured out who the Syrian Brit was after two posts!!.. But I sympathise.. I, too, told those who found out that I would prefer to remain anonnymous to the wider blogosphere for obvious reasons.. Kind regards and God bless

Abu Kareem said...

Amr and Syrian Brit,

Remaining anonymous allows me to write without self-censoring myself. So for now, I will remain Abu Kareem except for the two of you.

The Syrian Brit said...

My sentiment exactly!..
Take care, and kind regards

Anonymous said...

abu kareem

were you living on the first floor in a building viewing over the bain militaire in 1969 .

this way you can keep beeing anonymous on the blogosphere.




Abu Kareem said...


I am intrigued, but no I was not. Sorry,

Abu Kareem

Ms Levantine said...

Abu Kareem,

Interesting document, I am very curious to know more about Shaykh Sa'id Murad of Ghaza. Any idea who he was?

Since you live in NY (it is not a secret I hope) you should check the Syrian film festival at Lincoln Center. I saw 3 documentaries by Omar Amiralay on friday and I was very impressed. A Flood for the Baath is a great work.

Abu Kareem said...

Ms Levantine,

I don't know any more about shaykh Murad. Thanks for the information regarding the Syrian film festival; I would love to attend. Unfortunately, I live several hours drive from NYC (here I go again giving more personal hints!). As far as NYC residents are concerned, I might as well be in the Midwest.