Sunday, September 09, 2007

On Israel's Violation of Syrian Airspace

I have yet to hear a peep about Israel's aerial incursion into Syrian airspace from the major American media. Nothing! It apparently did not even deserve a stinking soundbite!

Imagine the response if Syrian fighters had invaded Israeli airspace and dropped a load of munitions. The U.S. military would be on high alert and the B52s would be in the air in no time fully armed for Armageddon.

International law is, apparently, a one way street. So to the rhetorical question "why do they hate us?" often asked on this side of the Atlantic, my answer is "because of your hypocrisy, stupid!"


The Syrian Brit said...

So eloquantly put, my friend!..
Yet another example of the one-sided view the World takes of our Region!..

Disaffection said...

sure, western mainstream media is one sided. but isn't it shocking that the syrian authority isn't taking full advantage of this and playing the game right? Wouldn't it be logical to broadcast footage of the scene of the crime for all the world to see the damage perpetrated? so what if it was a military base? Syria is technically at war and should have the right to arm itself. Doesn't israel have military bases along the syrian border? All we get from the Syrian government is threats of suitable and appropriate retaliation. It would have been appropriate and suitable to shoot down the plane there and then. But.... la 7ayata liman tunadi.

Abu Kareem said...


You are right, but I was addressing the issue of Western double standard. As for the timid Syrian response. it suggests that they are either hiding something or are just incapable and unwilling to take on Israel head on. I suspect that it is the latter despite all the the hot air suggesting the opposite.

By the way, welcome fellow Levantine.

Solomon2 said...

International law is, apparently, a one way street.

As in the rule that the leaders of Syria and Iran can support terrorists and murder democratic politicians without themselves living in fear? Don't you think the world has spent too many years tolerating such hypocrisy?

Abu Kareem said...


OK, so what you are telling me is that international law should be trashed; Isreal certainly never gave a horse's ass about them.

Solomon2 said...

Actually, Israel very much does care about international law. Israel's right-to-exist is enshrined in history, law, and international treaty, but Syria's leaders justify their continued rule by opposing this. Officially, Syria is still in a state of war with Israel, and the only official cease-fire between them is on the Golan Heights - have you forgotten this? That reduces the opportunities for conflict considerably, but Israel does not assure its survival by letting its mortal enemies accumulate military power until the day they can suddenly attack and destroy the state with impunity.

As for what really happened when Israel violated Syria's airspace, I haven't a clue. No sources means no real story - but the MSM does speculate, if you google it.

Abu Kareem said...


I guess the numerous UN resolutions that Israel chooses to ignore shows how much it cares about international law.

Also, that the Syrian army, equipped with rusted mid-20th century arms should pose a threat to the survival of Israel is laughable. The leaders in Damascus are first and foremost preoccupied with their own survival.

Solomon2 said...

I'm sorry, AK, but the Arab World's perceptions of international law seem to be continually skewed by the fact that they have no one to present the other side of issues. At best, it's like a court of law where the accused is not permitted a lawyer to mount a defense. If you have specific complaints, I suggest you create your questions and find someplace on the Internet to discuss them.

As for the rest of what you said: yes and yes. But it wasn't "rusted mid-20th century arms" that was hit, and the As'ad regime's survival wasn't in question.