Tuesday, August 07, 2012

From the Assad Dynasty's Archives of Horror

For those who still believe that there is something redeemable about the Assad dynasty comes this sinister and chilling piece of oral history published in Al Ayyam by Amal Hanano. Keep in mind, in 1965 the Baath regime was in its infancy and father Hafez was plotting his ascendance to the presidency. Is it any wonder that with forty seven year of practice, the Assad dynasty has perfected its brutal ways. Bashar was born to evil and nurtured by evil, he knows nothing else.

"In 1965, I was a medical intern in the National Hospital in Damascus. One day in September, we received an order to empty a room in the pediatric department because a certain VIP baby was being transferred from the maternity ward. ..."


mike said...

Having found your blog the first thing I wish to say is that I hope you and your family are safe. Such coldblooded murder is difficult to comprehend.
I do not believe in the way of the sword but you may decide when I tell you that I am an Israeli that you do not want to have anything to do with me. It is your right but I hope that will not be your decission.
However u feel I am a sympathiser of your cause and also having read older things that you have written I see a good and interesting man.
I felt a need to respond to what you have written even though I need to start getting ready for work-you have left me with many thoughts which I will digest and I will return to read more fully what you have written and will contact you again. Foremost in my mind though at this minute is the danger you and millions like you are in. Myself and many like me are not forgetting you. be strong be safe.

Abu Kareem said...


Thank you for your comment. I judge people as individuals. If I disapprove of what Israel has done over the years, it doesn't mean that I condemn every Israeli as an individual.