Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Mufti Answers Bashar

Here is a quote from the Mufti of Mount Lebanon, Mohamed Ali Al-Jouzo from Al Safir newspaper as it appeared in ME Transparent (My translation is below):

"Some want to steal victory at the expense of the blood, tears and destruction that has befallen Lebanon. Failed Lebanese politicians have made themselves partners and fathers of this victory and, as usual, have traded in it as a commodity. The heir of those who sold the Golan and Lebanon to Israel, the politically immature president has become the father of victory in Lebanon. Ahmadinajad in Iran has become the father of victory in Lebanon. We say to all of them, Lebanon and the people of Lebanon and the blood of the Lebanese and the tragedies of the Lebanese are not for rent or sale. The people of Lebanon alone have paid a heavy price; Lebanon from end to end has paid a heavy price. The Lebanese people alone have the right to reap the fruits of this sacrifice and the fruit of this sacrifice is the establishment of a free and independent state. No one, after today, can kidnap Lebanon and sell it in the market of regional and international conflicts."

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Fares said...

Great Translation...I have read the original. Need more voices to speak up along these lines...