Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Syria: Referendum by the Numbers

From SANA (via PhilipI):

Syria has 11,967,611 eligible voters of whom, according to the minister of interior:

  • 95.86% participated in the referendum (11,472,157).
  • 97.62 % said YES to Bashar's "reelection".
  • 0.171% said NO to Bashar.
  • 2.2% made invalid entries.

Very impressive were it not so absurd. They could have at least doctored the numbers to make them look a little more realistic. Do the self-congratulating Baathists really think anyone buys this?


The Syrian Brit said...

Not only was this a pointless exercise in self-delusion, it was a very expensive one!.. In one estimate, it was said that the election 'campaign' cost the Syrian treasury something to the tune of $1 billion... What a bloody waste!...

The Syrian Brit said...

and what a sickening sight is that of the sheep-like masses of people, 'celebrating' the resounding success of Bashar!!..
What a joke.. What a bloody joke!..

Anonymous said...

It is sheep alright, but they can not deceive even the sheep. They can force the sheep to Maa Maa, but they still can not fool them. I still remember thirty years ago, when one of our relatives who is a Baathist, when he used to come and sit with the family gathering, he used to laugh at his Baathist propaganda, and he used to assure us that he is a Baathis just to earn a living. So, please look at those people dancing as people earning a living, they are not fools. Abu Kareem, I wished you have explained how this referendum was reggged, people in Syria need help and need to see thing explained and titled. They need people to say what they can't say.
Thank you anyway.