Monday, January 26, 2009

The End of the Two-State Solution?

Not long ago, the idea one state solution used to thought of as an impossible idea held by a radical fringe, a non-starter especially among most Israelis who were raised on the Zionist ideal of Israel as a Jewish state. Sasa recently pointed out the increasing interest among some Palestinians and Israelis about the one state solution. So it is notable that yesterday, the hard-hitting investigative CBS network show 60 minutes had a segment discussing this topic entitled: "Time Running Out for A Two-State Solution." This obviously comes in the wake of the senseless war on Gaza but also because of the abject failure of the flawed Oslo agreements.

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Lirun said...

i actually dont think oslo failed..

i think the people did and govts did..

we took oslo for granted.. and didnt do enough work around it..

i think a one state solution as enlightened as it may seem would fail right now and we would be stuck in a mad civil war for good..

maybe one day in many many years..

but were not ready for it yet..