Thursday, April 23, 2009

In Pictures: To Lattakia and Back

Starting at the beginning, there I am on the balcony of my grandfather's house. If my older brother in the background, it is because he was. Until my arrival, he was it! The next picture is of the same house now unfortunately probably beyond repair.

The rest of the photographs retrace our trips to Ugarit, up to a cold and fogged-in Slunfeh and a quick visit to the family's old summer house, then back down to Haffeh and the spectacular Salaheddine castle. The last day, we made our way to Tartous and Arwad. Click on the image or here.


Isobel said...

Hello Abu Kareem. I've read your blog often but I've never commented (I don't remember anyway). These photos are wonderful and they furthered my desire to visit your beautiful homeland. Thank you for sharing them.

Abu Kareem said...

Thank you and welcome to my blog.

Lujayn said...

Cant see the pics, Abu Kareem. I only see one-placeholder for a pic within the blog.

Abu Kareem said...

Lujayn, I tried it several times and it seems to work. At any rate I added another link at he end of the post.

abufares said...

Abu Kareem
Like Lujayn I couldn't see your pictures until I got to your Flickr.
They really look so nice. The eye of a man in longing often shows beauty beyond the mere visual.
That's what so special about this particular set.
Thank you for sharing.

Abu Kareem said...

Abu Fares,
Thanks.I need to spend more time in Syria. Until then, I will enjoy Syria vicariously through your stories of the places you visit.

Ms Levantine said...

Great pics, thank you Abu Kareem.