Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Father Forgive Me": Young Aleppan Demonstrator Dies in his Father's Arms

As the UN Security Council deliberates about unarmed observers to be sent to Syria to oversee the Annan brokered ceasefire, or what's left of it, Bashar Al Assad's regime continues in its mendacity, ignoring the ceasefire when it deems convenient to continue killing it own unarmed civilians.  Below is perhaps one of the saddest and most poignant video clip from the Syrian uprising.  During demonstrations in Aleppo, a young boy, not older than fourteen is shot by security forces. In the clip the injured boy, ashen faced and his shirt blood stained, is seen running up to his father saying "forgive me father" as he lays his head on his father's shoulder and seems to lose ocnsciousness as he is quickly carried away by other demonstrators.

According to the Local Coordination Committee website, 27 Syrians lost their lives today, eight of whom died in Aleppo including the young boy in the video clip.  Not only has the killing gone on, the tanks and heavy artillery remain in place in violation of the Annan agreement.  It will take more than 30 unarmed observers to deal with this criminal regime!

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