Thursday, May 03, 2012

Going Through the Motions

Another day, another outrage by the regime whose indecency knows no boundaries.  Today, they went after the students at Aleppo University who dared air their disapproval of Bashar. Not only were at least three students killed but they also raided the dorms beating and arresting numerous students and closing the University.

Why do I get the distinct sense that the world community is just going through the motions when it comes to the Syrian crisis; no one seems to want to try too hard.  How else can one explain the lackadaisical pace with which the UN is trickling in the next to useless monitors.  Perhaps everyone knows that the whole mission is doomed before it starts.  Why else would you put at its command the most uncharismatic and unenergetic Swedish major general. No one seems to care that the regime continues to play its shell game, refusing visas to monitors it deems unfriendly and breaking the spirit and the letter of the Annan agreement every minute of every day. The daily death of innocent Syrian citizens and the incarceration of many more doesn't seem to register anymore; the Syrian revolution has become nothing more than background noise, static to be ignored. With every major outrage, tepid pronouncements followed by toothless threats are made by foreign ministers but nothing changes. Meanwhile, sensing the global inertia, the thuggish regime acts like victory is around the corner and continues with its violent crackdown.

What the regime hasn't counted on, however, is the resilience and perseverance of the Syrian revolution.  As the Aleppo University Students have shown, the revolution has not fizzled under the massive crackdown. Fear, as vast numbers of demonstrators have shown, is no longer an effective deterrent. Witness the increasingly daring acts of young peaceful activists in the heart of  Damascus and elsewhere.  The world may be dithering, and that may be just as well, but the Syrian revolution remains strong an unbroken.

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