Monday, July 24, 2006

Condaleeza, Thanks for Nothing!

For twelve days between July 12th and the 23th Condi and GW stand around and cheer Israel on, making it amply clear that they do not give a damn about Lebanon or Lebanese civilians. In fact just the opposite, members of Congress fell over each other (it's an election year, remember!) to approve emergency appropriations to give Israel extra fuel for its jets and more missiles to unleash on Lebanon.

During this time, as the American government collectively looks the other way, over 380 civilians die, over 1500 are wounded, over 750,000 are displaced, and Lebanon's civilian infrastructure is devastated.

On July 24th, Condi parachutes into Beirut and, without a hint of irony, pledges American support for humanitarian relief. A ceasefire that would reduce the need for humanitarian relief was not even on the table. After all, Israel still has some business to finish. If this is a PR stunt to appease Arab sensitivities, then it failed miserably.

Meanwhile death and destruction continues to rain on Lebanon unabated.


LebExile said...

If the Lebanese were desperately seeking a ceasefire - like I think they should, then they should agree to release the two hostages, remove Hezbollah totally from the country, and deploy the army on the borders of Leb-Israel, Leb-Syria.

Clearly, the Lebanese dont want a ceasefire as much as you seem to think - they think the Hezb-khara can win!!

As I said before, and I'll say it again - this is not a war between Lebanon and Israel - it is between Hezb-Khara, Iran, Syria and Israel.
The Hezb hides between the civilians, and doesn't get hurt much, Iran isn't getting bombed left right and centre, and neither is Syria - so why the fuck would they agree to a ceasefire...?

Lebanon is but only the battleground - the civilian the shield for the holy resistance, so who gives a fuck what Lebanon wants???

Until you get rid of Hezb-Khara, you wont get your ceasefire - regardless of who comes to visit you - even if the pope himself landed in Beirut tomorrow - you wont get a ceasefire.

Anonymous said...

you said, i quote "it is (the war) between Hezb-Khara, Iran, Syria and Israel."

So don't ever say again that, i quote again :"If the Lebanese were desperately seeking a ceasefire (...) then they should agree to release the two hostages".

Because in less than a paragraph there is this huge contradiction.

Don't ever talk politics. You're not good at it..

Nevertheless, I thank you Condi for NOTHING!

Fares said...

Similar title but thanks to Iran for nothing
PEACE To Lebanon