Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Unblock Syrian Blogs!

Blogspot is now apparently completely blocked in Syria. I am republishing part of a post from last December in addition to other resources in the hope that some blocked Syrian bloggers may be able to use the information to bypass web censorship of their blogs- that is of course, if they manage to see this post.

Circumventing Web Censorship

There are several methods to evade censorship as outlined below including this recently released free software, Psiphon. The aim of this software as stated by its developers is as follows: psiphon is a human rights software project developed by the Citizen Lab at the Munk Centre for International Studies that allows citizens in uncensored countries to provide unfettered access to the Net through their home computers to friends and family members who live behind firewalls of states that censor.

Bypassing censorship through proxies (from Open Directory Project:

Digital Cyber Soft - List of anonymous proxies. - Has articles about anonymous web browsing, internet security, and internet privacy.
Free Public Proxy Servers List - Regularly updated HTTP open/public proxy list
My Proxy - HTTP Proxy lists updated daily.
NNTime - Regularly updated proxy list.
OpenProxies - Open, public HTTP proxies, updated daily.
Proxy Blind - Information about using proxy servers for privacy, with socks and proxy lists.
Proxy Server Info - Proxy server guide and a small list of anonymous proxies.
Proxy Servers - Proxy list, tutorials and other related stuff.
ProxyDex - A large list of web based proxies. - Checked list of proxy servers with IP and port, country, link to whois. List also available in plain text or as an XML file. - Proxy lists submitted by users are automatically tested, and results posted. - Automatically checked proxy lists, Proxy Extractor and related information.
ProxyLists.Net - Free HTTP and Socks proxy lists - Contains a list of web based proxies, as well as a forum to discuss related topics. - Checked lists of free anonymous proxies. - Proxy lists and RSS feed

Free web based anonymyzing proxies:

Anonymouse - Free anonymous surfing.
Cool Tunnel - Site implementing CGI Proxy. - Free and safe anonymous browsing. No limits on download size or file types.
PHProxy - Web proxy, requiring JavaScript.
Proxify - Free web proxy with optional removal of cookies, scripts, ads and referers. Requires cookies.
Radical Overthrow - CGI Proxy site with SSL support.
SlyUser - CGI Proxy site to bypass filters at home, work, or school.
Vtunnel - Web proxy supporting SSL via the HTTPS encryption protocol.


Wassim said...

والله عيب

أُمنية said...

يعني نجحت المخابرات السوريّة|؟

Golaniya said...

thanks a lot Abu Kareem! this is very much appreciated!

abufares said...

Thanks Abu Kareem
We'll manage so don't you worry. I guess they do it so that we always find the internet a challenging place.
Eid Fitr Saeed to you and yours!

Abu Kareem said...

Abu Fares,

I know you are up to the challenge my friend. Eid Saeed to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

good info, usually i use , , and for unblock my blocked url

DUBAI JAZZ said...

can you believe it Abu Kareem, all these proxy websites are blocked in the UAE?

However,, which was suggested by anonymous, is not blocked and is working out well!

(p.s.: blockage of sites in the UAE is done based on moral considerations only!)

name said...

Nice Article.

Proxiter said...

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Proxiter said...
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Anonymous said...

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AG said...

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